This is final schedule for ProductCamp St. Louis 2024, which took place on Saturday, March 9.

Learn more about all of the sessions that were proposed, and access materials from the sessions

8:00am Doors open; plan on arriving by 8am to give you time to park, check in, vote and get coffee.
8:30am Voting ends!
8:30-8:45am Opening session — ground rules, sponsor introductions, unveiling of agenda
8:45-9:00am Break (15 minutes)
9:00-9:45am 1st Session
Room 202 : Session ID44: 99 Problems but Discovery Ain’t One: Finding The Right Problems to Solve [Alex Courtney.]
Room 232 : Session ID56: Herding Squirrels: How to Keep the product Team on Task [Lisa Bruce.]
Room 234 : Session ID43: Are you as customer obsessed as you think? [Jenny Anderson.]
Room 236 : Session ID17: Be an a11y: Prioritizing Digital Accessibility in a Product-Driven Organization [Jared Becker.]
Room 238 : Session ID26: Creating Product Playbooks [Karen Loiterstein .]
Room 240 : Session ID38: Delegating Decision Making – A technique to empower your product team [Alex Basa.]
9:45-10:00am Break (15 minutes)
10:00-10:45am Room 2nd Session
Room 202 : Session ID41: Generative AI – Why should you care? [Valeria Miranda.]
Room 232 : Session ID20: Taken – Applying FBI Hostage Negotiation Tactics to Product Management [CJ Zeilenga.]
Room 234 : Session ID22: Product Psychology: Psychology Principles Behind Creating Effective Products [Hannah Davison.]
Room 236 : Session ID45: Can I take your order? Transforming organizations from order takers to partners. [Travis Duncan.]
Room 238 : Session ID24: Product Leadership Workshop [Jeff Lash.]
Room 240 : Session ID16: Cheat Codes for Game-Winning Stakeholder Management [Kristina Glynn.]
10:45-11:00am Break (15 minutes)
11:00-11:45am 3rd Session
Room 202 : Session ID10: Where MVPs fail. The case for a Minimum Viable Replacement. [Brad Tomchek.]
Room 232 : Session ID48: Leveraging AI in Product Management [Brian Collard.]
Room 234 : Session ID12: Unveiling your potential: How product management skills translate into business strategy success [Lianna Shepard.]
Room 236 : Session ID23: Fundamentals of Empowered Product Teams [Jeff Lash.]
Room 238 : Session ID46: Ask a Professional Stalker: Unveiling the Secrets of UX Research (An AMA) [Martha Valenta.]
Room 240 : Session ID40: Product Ideation to Development – Using Stage Gate with Limited Resources [Mark Engel.]
11:45-12:30pm Lunch (free for all participants, courtesy of our sponsors)
12:30-1:15pm 4th Session
Room 202 : Session ID49: Unf*ck Your Portfolio Backlog [Jamie Bernard.]
Room 232 : Session ID14: Reframing Requirements : A Strategic Approach to Requirement Definition [Jake Truemper.]
Room 234 : Session ID2: “How I Got Into Product Work” [Rian Wilson.]
Room 236 : Session ID55: Elevating Team Dynamics: The Power of Effective Communication [Karen Fox.]
Room 238 : Session ID52: Bespoke or Off-the-Rack: Should enterprises build or buy generative AI solutions [Shanti Greene.]
Room 240 : Session ID9: Could Product Management Have Prevented the Boeing 737 Max Crisis? [Brendan Sullivan.]
1:-1:30pm Break (15 minutes)
1:30-2:15pm 5th Session
Room 202 : Session ID31: Practical AI: Fine-Tuning Your Data Science Product Development [Amber Schanter.]
Room 232 : Session ID13: You should always follow the rules, except when you shouldn’t [gBRETT miller.]
Room 234 : Session ID50: Undercover Networking – The Real Secret to Connections [Karen Fox.]
Room 236 : Session ID18: Estimating & Forecasting: Sorcery or Science? [Kristina Glynn.]
Room 238 : Session ID42: simplifying digital transformation: Harnessing the power of small habits for lasting success [John Duisen.]
Room 240 : Session ID37: Experience design as a product and category strategy [Kevin Dulle.]
2:15pm ProductCamp St. Louis concludes