In previous years, we created the schedule on-the-fly the morning of ProductCamp St. Louis. However, for 2023, we had just the right amount of session proposals submitted that we were able to fit them all in, so we created the schedule for ProductCamp St. Louis 2023 in advance. Here was the schedule for our 10th ProductCamp St. Louis, held on Saturday, April 1.

8:00am Doors open; plan on arriving by 8:15am at the latest to give you time to park, check in, and get coffee.
8:30-8:45am Welcome and Opening Remarks — ground rules, sponsor introductions, review of agenda
8:45-9:00am Break (15 minutes)
9:00-9:45am 1st Session
Room 262 : Session ID23: Making OE + XD Friends on the Product Playground – The Game [Al Lopez.]
Room 232 : Session ID14: Putting Together a Content Marketing Strategy in Under an Hour [Brandon Towl.]
Room 234 : Session ID18: Converting Apples to Oranges – How to use Value and Effort to rationalize Prioritization Frameworks [Curtis Foster.]
Room 236 : Session ID31: The school bus tracking system where parents can connect to their children’s school buses. [Mansi Bhatt.]
Room 238 : Session ID27: Patent, Trademark, Copyright Protection [Brett Schenck.]
Room 240 : Session ID4: What if we are not “Product-Led?” Product Management for Employee Focused Products [Brad Tomchek.]
9:45-10:00am Break (15 minutes)
10:00-10:45am 2nd Session
Room 262 : Session ID15: 8B data points in 900 hospitals: lessons learned from managing a critical IOT product in a pandemic [Cherry Ignacio.]
Room 232: Session ID25: Trademark Searching: It’s better to know now than pay later [Kevin Staed.]
Room 234 : Session ID12: What makes a good MVP? [Sri Chellappa.]
Room 236 : Session ID13: Cheat Codes for Game-Winning Stakeholder Management [Kristina Glynn.]
Room 238 : Session ID11: Product Life Cycle: Right Team ➠ Greater Results [Dale Furtwengler.]
Room 240 : Session ID24: Benefit Realization Management : Linking Corporate Strategy to Execution [Brian Collard.]
10:45-11:00am Break (15 minutes)
11:00-11:45am 3rd Session
Room 262 : Session ID20: How Do You Define Product Success? Choosing Metrics That Matter [Jeff Lash.]
Room 232 : Session ID26: You Are Your Own Product: How to share your story online without adding to the noise. [Billy Frazier.]
Room 234 : Session ID8: Marketing Your Product on a Shoestring Budget [Karen Loiterstein.]
Room 236 : Session ID2: 10 Mistakes StartUps Make & How to Avoid Them [Mary Scott.]
Room 238 : Session ID32: The Anarchist’s Guide to Intrapreneurship [Joe Ziadeh.]
Room 240 : Session ID21: Applying Design Thinking to Create the Total Product Experience [Mark Engel.]
11:45-12:30pm Lunch (free for all participants, courtesy of our sponsors)
12:30-1:15pm 4th Session
Room 262 : Session ID33: What are you measuring? [Raj Iyer.]
Room 232 : Session ID9: Sales Enablement 101: Aligning Your Revenue Engine for Growth [Karen Loiterstein.]
Room 234 : Session ID28: Leveraging AI for New Product Ideas [Brian Collard.]
Room 236 : Session ID6: License To Thrill: Using Open Source Software in your product [STEPHEN LEWIS.]
Room 238 : Session ID16: Collaboration as a superpower: enabling strong scrum teams [Lianna Shepard.]
Room 240 : Session ID22: What is S.E.E.D. [STATISTICS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL-ECONOMIC DECISIONS] and why should I care? [Abbie Dannegger.]
Room 240 : Session ID34: How to Write Data-Driven Experiments That Move the Needle on Your KPIs [Stacy Schweizer.]
1:-1:30pm Break (15 minutes)
1:30-2:15pm 5th Session
Room 262 : Session ID3: Navigating Leadership In A Quantum World [Dale Furtwengler.]
Room 232 : Session ID5: Creating product and technical ownership in a product where multiple product owners own everything [Alex Basa.]
Room 234 : Session ID19: The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Architecture [Annie Scharenberg.]
Room 236 : Session ID17: What is a Front End Loaded (FEL1) Case Study all about anyway? [Michael Feldhake.]
Room 238 : Session ID1: StartUp Resources Guide [Mary Scott.]
Room 240 : Session ID29: Journey Management and The Innovator’s Dilemma [gBRETT miller.]
2:15pm ProductCamp St. Louis concludes