This is today’s schedule for ProductCamp St. Louis 2020. Go to the Session Topics page to see all of the proposed sessions. Thanks to everyone who is leading a session today or proposed one!

8:00am Doors open; plan on arriving at 8am to give you time to park, check in, vote for sessions, and get coffee.
8:20am Voting ends
8:25-8:45am Opening session — ground rules, sponsor introductions, unveiling of agenda
8:45-9:00am Break (15 minutes)
9:00-9:45am 1st Session
Room 253 : Session ID40: Benefit Realization – Connecting Corporate Strategy to Product Development [Brian Collard.]
Room 232 : Session ID29: An everyday toolset for an everyday kick a** product leader [William Good.]
Room 234 : Session ID27: Who Would Want Your Product, and Why? [Mary Scott.]
Room 236 : Session ID30: Protecting your Idea (Patent, Copyright, and Trademark) [Brett Schenck.]
Room 238 : Session ID1: How to get the best trade press product reviews [david strom.]
Room 240 : Session ID7: Closing the Deal: How to Attract and Hire Your 1st Salesperson [KRISTIE JONES.]
9:45-10:00am Break (15 minutes)
10:00-10:45am 2nd Session
Room 253 : Session ID35: Design Thinking [Ananya Bhattacharyya.]
Room 232 : Session ID18: We have to STOP meeting like this! – Improve your virtual communication with employees and partners [Beth Matteotti.]
Room 234 : Session ID4: Time to put the BS in product – behavioral science that is [Dave Mathias.]
Room 236 : Session ID14: The Heart of the Matter: The Foundations of Customer Knowledge [Brian Posnanski.]
Room 238 : Session ID28: Trademark Searching: It’s better to know now than pay later [Kevin Staed.]
Room 240 : Session ID2: How to hire your first public relations pro [david strom.]
10:45-11:00am Break (15 minutes)
11:00-11:45am 3rd Session
Room 253 : Session ID20: Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Designing Successful Product Experiments [Jeff Lash.]
Room 232 : Session ID31: Work Better With Delivery Teams: 8 Tips and Tricks for Awesome Teams [Ruby Ha.]
Room 234 : Session ID38: How to use DevOps to build successful products [Chris Meyer.]
Room 236 : Session ID17: Simplifying Segmentation: Focus on the right users to build a better product experience [Lisa Vaccaro.]
Room 238 : Session ID32: No (Lab) Jacket Required: Designing Experiments for Learning [Matthew Philip.]
Room 240 : Session ID9: Get Others to Love Your B2B Technology Idea: The Value Pyramid [John Schultz.]
11:45-12:30pm Lunch (free for all participants, courtesy of our sponsors)
12:30-1:15pm 4th Session
Room 253 : Session ID21: Why Did We Add This Feature? Selecting – and Getting Value from – the Product Metrics [Jeff Lash.]
Room 232 : Session ID15: From chaos to clarity: Creating a vision to inspire your team and battle the B.S. (bright-and-shiny) [Julia Pitlyk.]
Room 234 : Session ID12: Innovation thru Iteration [Greg Goeckel.]
Room 236 : Session ID19: You Count! How to get our share of $675 Billion Dollars! [April Walker.]
Room 238 : Session ID3: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Data Viz in Product [Dave Mathias.]
Room 240 : Session ID23: How it’s made [Rich Freese.]
1:15-1:30pm Break (15 minutes)
1:30-2:15pm 5th Session
Room 253 : Session ID5: Products with Personality [Jon Robinson.]
Room 232 : Session ID37: Score high on LinkedIn (and Google!) for what you do or what you sell [Kathy Bernard.]
Room 234 : Session ID16: Why Research Sucks (and How to Make it Better) [Lisa Vaccaro.]
Room 236 : Session ID11: It’s Not About the Data: Business Communication Lessons Learned From the Craft of Fiction [Stephan Mathys.]
Room 238 : Session ID22: Copying Success – Legally [Dennis Donahue.]
Room 240 : Session ID6: Our Reebok Shoe Video: Creating From Nothing [John Launius.]
2:15pm ProductCamp St. Louis 2020 concludes