ProductCamp St. LouisProductCamp St. Louis is the premier event for anyone who builds, designs, markets, or manages a product or service. It is a production of the St. Louis Product Management Group and St. Louis Makes.

Our 8th annual ProductCamp St. Louis was held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Webster University. You can see what topics were proposed and look at the schedule to see what topics were selected for the agenda.

Want to learn more?

If you’ve never been to a ProductCamp, you may have some questions like: What is ProductCamp?

You can also learn more about other past ProductCamps that we’ve held in St. Louis.

What Now?

If you liked ProductCamp St. Louis 2019 — or missed it — and want more, the St. Louis Product Management Group has get-togethers throughout the year. ProductCamp is not our only event. We typically have one formal event (speaker) once a quarter, usually (but not always) at Venture Café. We also often schedule some informal events at restaurants throughout the year. To keep up with other events:

Have Suggestions or Comments?

If you have any thoughts about ProductCamp or other events that you’d like to see during the year, feel free to reach out to those of us on the board of directors: Jeff Lash, Dale Furtwengler, Shelly Azar, Marc Bowers, Brendan Sullivan and Brent Jennings.