People at ProductCamp St. LouisProductCamp St. Louis 2017 was held on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Information about ProductCamp St. Louis 2017 is below. If you would like to get more information about upcoming events and future ProductCamps, please sign up for our email newsletter.

ProductCamp is free to attend because of support from our sponsors and lots of volunteers. We need YOU to help! Dale Furtwengler ([email protected]) is coordinating all of the volunteers and is looking for more helpers

Our volunteer coordinators strive to break volunteer jobs into small increments so that everyone can enjoy their day at ProductCamp while reaping the rewards of having contributed to its success.

Our volunteer needs include:

  • Registration: Registering participants and speakers.
  • Food/beverage: Setting up coffee, snacks and lunches with periodic monitoring to assure fresh supplies.
  • Sponsor logistics: Helping sponsors locate their spaces and providing setup support as needed
  • Traffic flow: Assisting participants in finding the sessions they’re seeking and answering any questions they have – typically just between sessions.
  • AV/speaker setup: Providing technical support to speakers using AV (Webster U’s support people will provide assistance/training); also introducing speakers and timekeeping to assure that we stay on schedule.

Please let Dale Furtwengler ([email protected]) know your volunteer preference.