ProductCamp St. Louis 2017 was held on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Information about ProductCamp St. Louis 2017 is below. If you would like to get more information about upcoming events and future ProductCamps, please sign up for our email newsletter.

Here is our schedule for ProductCamp St. Louis 2017:

8:00am Doors open; plan on arriving at 8am to give you time to park, check in, vote for sessions, and get coffee.
8:20am Voting ends
8:25-8:45am Opening session — ground rules, sponsor introductions, unveiling of agenda
8:45-9:00am Break (15 minutes)
9:00-9:45am 1st Session
234 : Session ID17: Enhance Your Competitive Edge! [Shelly Azar.]
236 : Session ID24: Patents & Trademarks: The Basics + Searching Workshop [Dennis Donahue.]
238 : Session ID12: Nimble Tools for New Product Development [Lois Lewis.]
252 : Session ID2: Psychographic Profiling: How to sell more, more quickly, with less effort. [Dale Furtwengler.]
253/262 : Session ID7: BrainStorming Techniques from Oracle, Apple, and Google [Dan Glasscock.]
263 : Session ID30: Ask Me Anything: UX Edition [Danielle Cooley.]
9:45-10:00am Break (15 minutes)
10:00-10:45am 2nd Session
234 : Session ID36: Customer Centered Product Development – MVPs, functional prototypes and Agile development [Paul Heirendt.]
236 : Session ID48: Maximize Your Website to Attract Visitors, Convert Leads and Close Sales [Geoff King.]
238 : Session ID26: Best Practices for Product Roadmaps [Jeff Lash.]
252 : Session ID9: Secrets of Successful Product Videos [John Launius.]
253/262 : Session ID23: Patent, Copyright, Trademark (Intellectual Property) Protection for Products and Services [Brett Schenck.]
263 : Session ID51: Are You Behind The Times? The Latest Digital Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business [Rahna Barthelmess.]
10:45-11:00am Break (15 minutes)
11:00-11:45am 3rd Session
234 : Session ID16: Win/Loss Analysis: Insight into the Minds of B2B Customers/Prospects [Shelly Azar.]
236 : Session ID19: Amazon, eBay & Wal-Mart: Taking Your Products to the Masses [Will Hanke.]
238 : Session ID5: What is a Customer Journey Map and How to Create One [Bill Haines.]
252 : Session ID6: Get things Done. Achieve Extraordinary Productivity [Dan Glasscock.]
253/262 : Session ID32: Value first / Customer first product development and marketing [Paul Heirendt.]
263 : Session ID35: Product Strategy for Human Behavior [Charlie Eaton.]
11:45-12:30pm Lunch (free for all participants, courtesy of our sponsors)
12:30-1:15pm 4th Session
234 : Session ID29: Get out of the Rut and Back in Your Groove [Dixie Gillaspie.]
236 : Session ID50: Here’s the Pitch: How to win with the media [Sandi Straetker, APR.]
238 : Session ID43: Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make [Kimberly Sahu.]
252 : Session ID52: Are You Positioned For Success? How To Ignite A Strong Personal Brand [Rahna Barthelmess.]
253/262 : Session ID27: Engage the Whole Team, Change the World and have FUN using Extreme Innovation Games [Jason Tice.]
263 : Session ID10: Innovating at Scale: Bringing New Business Models to Market in Established Companies [Brendan Sullivan.]
1:15-1:30pm Break (15 minutes)
1:30-2:15pm 5th Session
234 : Session ID4: CONFIDENT: Even when you have no background or experience. [Dale Furtwengler.]
236 : Session ID13: Digital Excellence; The Agile Organization for the Changing Customer [Annette Wodicker.]
238 : Session ID20: Amazon Alexa – The Next Great Platform [Christopher Tysh.]
252 : Session ID33: Millennials: The Case For A Segmentation Strategy [Earnestine Benford.]
253/262 : Session ID15: Design Sprint Workshop [Lois Lewis.]
263 : Session ID28: FireDice – A Self-Managing Agile Team Simulation [Jason Tice.]
2:15-2:30pm Closing session